If a movie star couple breaks up, they tell the reporters it was "irreconcilable differences." This term covers everything from addictions, cheating, career envy, to boredom. We are left to decide for ourselves what the real problem was. Human relationships are filled with irreconciable differences. A theme in 2 Corinthians is reconciliation- "all this from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation. This is a message of radical love from God, because our behaviour sometimes surely makes God want to plead: "irreconcilable differences and divorce God's self from humankind.

     Out of love, God allowed Jesus to take up his cross on our behalf. That is why on Ash Wednesdsay we think about any wrong thought or action that is separating us from God. For reconcilliation to happen, confessing our sin is essential. The apostle Paul hope the Corinthian people will heal their relathionship with him and with God. The whole point about the good news of God's forgiveness and love is to pass it along to others, we are ambassadors for Christ since God is making an appeal through us "as ambassador for Jesus we serve others and point them towards God. This is a way we can show our love to God, and experience it for ourselves. We need to try and not be so busy with our won things, that we forget to care about others.

     This week many will begin a time of fasting, denying chocolate, or some other lenten practice. My own practice will be to meet another minister for spiritual conversation and prayer each week, and doing random acts of kindness. I was inspired to do this by the person who paid for my coffee on Sunday morning. I don't know who they are, but they made me smile. I then returned the favour for two others. Lent is many things, but mostly a time for contemplation. It is a time to think and pray about deepening our own relationships with God, with one another and in our world.

     One initiative that our country has taken up with great car is reconciliation with our First Nation neighbours. If you listen to the news, you know there is a long way to go. We can't change poor decisions of the past, but we can take this time in lent to think about how we can make this world better for us all. Listening to others with the heart of Christ, is a place to start. When we practice "cross-shaped" living, we are stronger witnesses for God. Many people in this time think that the Church is outdated, and without a sense of purpose. However, the apostle Paul does not see the situation from a human perspective. He believes that God has made us wealthy through the reconciling actions and faith of Jesus Christ. This is the work that has its roots in the Church, and continues to be
carried out through the Church.

  So as you walk on the path to Easter morning, we have a friend in Jesus. As a poet once said: "as you face your own trials, I'll gladly walk with you, no matter the miles."  

                                      May God bless your journey,     Amen.