Sunday November 12, 2017

                Rev. Karen Hammond Croxall

              Music Director: Shirley Lambert



   Call to Worship

   Opening Hymn:  Your Hand, O God, Has Guided

   Opening Prayer

   Ministry of Music: "I Hear God's Music"


   Children's Hymn: Jesus Bids Us Shine

   Children’s Time: God Loves You!


   Assurance of Pardon

   Scripture:  Joshua 3:  7-17

                     Psalm 43

                     Matthew 23: 1-12

   One: The word of the Lord.
   All: Thanks be to God.

   Sermon: "Who's Leading You?"     Rev. Croxall

   Prayers of the People & The Lord's Prayer

   Invitation to the Offering

   Offering of our Gifts: "Somebody Bigger Than

                                      You and Me"  Fred Walker

   Congregational Response                                                   

   Offering Prayer

   Closing Hymn:  This Day God Goves Me


   Closing Prayer    


   Choral Benediction: “Go Now In Peace.”